Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy International Consultant Day!

If you are at all cultured, you would have noticed this morning that Mr. Lee is off work. Although he does not provide a specific reason as to why, a little bird tells me that today is International Lobbyist Day. You are right to find that ridiculous.

In response, from this point henceforth, April 7th will forever be known as International Consultant Day! To celebrate:

  1. Put on a party hat.
  2. Grab a calculator.
  3. Divide your salary by 2080 (number of hours in a standard working year).
  4. Determine your hourly billing rate (what the company charges for your time).
  5. Subtract your hourly wage from your billing rate (remember this value - we'll call it "X").
  6. Divide X by 2 (remember this value - we'll call it "Y").
  7. Read this blog until 5:07 pm.
  8. Check your email one final time.
  9. Go to Happy Hour.
  10. Consume "Y" adult beverages.
  11. Rinse and repeat.


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