Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I promise to follow up on Mr. Beerman's excellent discussion of work-related alcohol consumption, but I must first comment briefly on passwords.

I work for an IT consulting firm. In case you didn't know, IT consulting involves lots of passwords - too many passwords, in fact. This morning I took the time to count how many password I have. At present, I use 14 work-related passwords on a daily basis. I have another 9 or 10 that are for personal use. My work requires that I change my main password every 40 days (I think), and I did so this morning. And now, for the rest of the day and possibly well into tomorrow, I will incorrectly login with my old password. I've done it twice already; I hope to break twenty-three by close of business.

To make both of our lives more interesting, we shall play a little game called Password Hunt. To play, I will tell you my login information for some website, and it's your job to find out which one.

  • Username: JUMPMAN23
  • Password: Skillz4R3al

The first to login and tell me the website wins the grand prize, which is an appointment to The Recipe's forthcoming DC Society Desk.


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