Thursday, March 30, 2006

Is it a war?

I admit that I do not know enough of the finer points of each woman to comment on which of the two I prefer. From what I do know, however, I believe that the differences between the two women are probably minimal. In reality, both are more centrist then they would perhaps care to admit. Both are hawkish and believe that American ideas should be imposed on the world. Both seem to believe that peace can be achieved only through force and/or confrontation.

I find nothing even slightly appealing in either woman. Condi was an architect of one of the worst blunders in American history, one that has cost tens of thousands of lives, not to mention irreversibly ruined America's reputation abroad. Clinton won her seat in the US Senate primarily because New York is a democratic state (albeit with a republican governor), and because she is married to the most popular Democrat in recent history. However, her foreign policy is entirely too hawkish for my taste (note her support of the Iraq War as well as the Israeli attempts to impose peace on the region), while I find her domestic policy unsettling (especially her recent support for a ban on flag burning).


Blogger Dietsch said...

The real question we must ask ourselves my good gentle sirs is who would win in a cage match...for that is the true quality I look for when electing my leaders.

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