Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Getting Drunk With Co-Workers: A Guide to Embracing Alcoholism While Enjoying Your Job

Thank you for the floor, Dr Cook. As a young go-getter myself, I have, on more than a few occassions, gone out drinking with people from work. While this can be enjoyable, there is one pitfall. Conversation inevitably becomes work-related. Not necessarily about ongoing projects, etc., but office gossip and the like. If you go out consistently with your coworkers, you end up having the same discussions about work over and over and over...

To remedy this situation, I suggest that anyone who chooses to see his coworkers socially implement the following ground rule: No discussion of work-related subjects. This includes both substantial and non-substantial topics. No talking about assignments. Or supervisors. Or even gossip about attractive co-workers and office romances.

I understand that this ground rule may result in a lull in the conversation. To stop this, and to also help Dr Cook's plan's to democratize our readership, Please use the comment section of this posting to place potential discussion topics for social gatherings with coworkers. I've also listed a few fail-proof topics for emergency situations. Feel free do use them at your next out-of-work booze-up.

-Is vegetarianism acceptable under any circumstances?
-Why people who know a lot about wine are pretentious assholes
-Coco Crisp may be a good outfielder, but he sure has a funny name
-My dog is smarter than your president


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