Monday, April 03, 2006

An Idea!

As you probably noticed, The Recipe has remained unusually quiet over the last few days. I, for one, have been suffering from a lasting bout of writer's block; I cannot speak to Mr. Beerman's inactivity.

Regardless, to ensure The Recipe's continued success, I have come up with an idea: democratize the internet! Now that we've exchanged pleasantries, I think it's time that our loyal readers contribute to the course and content of The Recipe by offering suggestions via the 'Comments' section of our blog.

Here, gentle reader, is what you do:
  1. Go to The Recipe.
  2. Click on the 'Comments' link for this post (Sorry, I don't know how to link to a post that doesn't exist).
  3. Type what you would like Mr. Beerman and I to discuss.*

*Note: Due to time constraints, we cannot guarantee that all suggestions will be discussed. Therefore, we ask that you review other comments and weigh their merits before submitting your own. Moreover, we apologize in advance for any topic that remains undiscussed (but not overlooked).


Blogger Mr. Lee said...

1) The philosophical underpinings of Stewie Griffin's possible homosexuality

2) Surrealist escapism in TV's "Scrubs"

3) Data monkeying as a way of life: A study in depression

4) Getting drunk with co-workers: A Guide to Embracing Alcoholism While Enjoying Your Job

5) Shacking up with co-workers: Pitfalls and Pleasures

6) The Magical iPod: Why My Commute Rocks Harder Than Yours

7) Dave Matthews Band's "So Much To Say" and being "Trapped In the Closet"

8) Eric Cartman: An Anti-hero for the New Millenium?

9) The American Healthcare System and Why We Should Continue Paying Obscene Retainers to Healthcare Lobbyists

10) That Cell Phone Will Give You Brain Cancer, But Baby, A Tumor is Sexy

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