Tuesday, April 25, 2006

White Boards

Does the cubicle white board offer any real use aside from a primitive message box? I, like most of my fellow cubicle monkeys, have a white board in my cubicle...and I never use it. Occasionally, to look busy and/or important, I will write a bunch of names, numbers, or tasks on it, but that is rare and only when I have nothing to do. Otherwise, it's reserved for [insert coworker's name]'s drawings, [insert other coworker's name]'s random messages, words of wisdom, or other forms of nonsensical banter.

Just this morning, I arrived to find "HELLO, HELPDESK" scribed in black ink across the middle of my white board. I don't know who* wrote it - I can guess why - but I am glad they did. It gave me an early morning chuckle. It made me smile. It made me feel special.

I would equate the anonymous white board message/drawing to the From: Secret Admirer Batman Valentine in third grade. You don't know who sent it, but you don't really care why. The message lets you imagine that Sarah Brunn actually has a crush on, on, dare I say it, you. After months of wondering if Sarah ever notices your lunchroom glances, you received a valentine from her! Oh, joy! But I digress...

The white board is just another item in one's cubicle to make it feel a touch less like an anti-productivity box. I really enjoy it when people write on my white board, leave post-it notes, or shoot a pointless email. If only for a moment, these little gems melt my cubicle walls.

*Did I hear you, Angry Roommate?


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