Friday, April 14, 2006

A mac walks into a bar and tells a racist joke. The bartender looks at him and says, 'Buddy, if you want to drink in here, you have to be pc.'

Dr Cook, I completely agree with your assessment of computer-related injuries. While at work I stare at a computer screen for the majority of my day. I then go home and spend another 2-3 hours on my pc responding to emails, reading the news, writing a clever entry for The Recipe. When that is done, I find it hard to read other printed material (ie books or newspapers). I find that the only solution is to make a concentrated effort to spend time not looking at a computer. Refuse to turn your computer on during the weekends. Denote 1-2 evenings a week as email-free. Will this have an impact on one's corporate ambitions? The answer is an undeniable yes. However, the relief that it might give your eyes, not to mention you sanity, is ultimately worth the price. The computer is an addictive tool, but under no circumstances should it be allowed to control you.


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