Monday, January 08, 2007

Political Self-Evaluation

On this Friday last, Mr. Lee suggested we take a political self-evaluation. The card-carryin'-commie, Mr. Beerman, scored a solid 5. I, on the other hand, racked up a moderate 17, right between Ol' Bill and Colin.

I'd say both results were expected, particularly since my recent political self-identity crisis. That's right, Mr. Lee, I've found myself identifying with "the other half." Now I am still left of center, but I'm not tipping the scale towards corner store healthcare for all.

Kiwi also offered an online quiz in his recently revitalized realm. And once again, I hovered around the (this time two-dimensional) center.

All that said, I find myself reading - and dare I say sympathizing? - with Mr. Will more and more...


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