Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Dime Of Truth

I received a note from my primary care physician, Dr. Leonard, today, informing me that my blog was "lacking." To this I can only agree.

So let us turn to the fabled Dime of Truth. Many of you following along at home have probably never heard of the Dime, nor it's mythic powers of prediction. Well, then, young Jedi, allow me to explain. The history of the Dime of Truth dates back about eight years to a simpler time, a time when life-altering decisions were made with the flip of a coin.

It all started over an argument - an argument I'm sure we've all suffered through many times - as to what we should do tonight. My friends and I were presented with two options: stay in or go out. We weighed both options and discussed the merits of each at length. Hours later, we were in the same position, presented with the same problem. We were stuck in the trenches.

Then, like a bolt of lightening, my friend had a brilliant idea - let's flip a coin! We scoured our pockets and came up with - lo and behold - the Dime of Truth. We all agreed that the Dime would decide our fate, there would be no turning back. A few rotations later, we were on our way out the door.

Fast forward to this last weekend, and the Dime once again, in all it's glorious glory, spoke the Truth. Here's how it happened...

We were out hiking, and couldn't decide if we should stop or keep going. "The Dime of Truth will guide us," I said, and so it did. I flipped the Dime, it landed on tails (stop our hike), and so we stopped. But then someone questioned the Dime: "How do you know it's right?" I responded, calmly and coolly, "You just know, it's a gut feeling." However, I could sense my pseudo-metaphysical explanation was grossly insufficient, so I decided to offer a more tangible argument. I flipped a 2 euro piece, and it came up tails. Then I flipped a quarter, and it came up tails. Then I flipped ol' Honest Abraham, and he shouted "tails!" Then, to seal the deal, I threw a nickel in the mix - again, tails.

My audience was in awe. Never before in their otherwise enlightened lives had they seen such an incredible display. Suffice it to say, they were new people.

Finally, as we were packing into the Cherokee, I offered one last exhibition of majesty. I flipped all five.


Believe in the Dime, friends, believe in the Dime.


Blogger Timothy Shields said...

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Blogger Timothy Shields said...

Ha ha! I have to laugh after reading your post. I just finished writing the above post (because this is a re-post of a comment - due to my desire to put the link directly into this comment -, the time frame is off by a little) and was curious if I could find anything interesting with the google search, "I Flipped a Dime on Them." Wow I am so entertained!

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