Saturday, October 07, 2006

You heard it here first

Yesterday was my last day at the law firm. It was an amicable departure. I was a bit sad to leave (though that quickly passed), and they were sad to see me go. Sure, it was a nice place to work, but there comes a point in life when every man must ask himself, "where is this going?" And for me and the firm, the answer was nowhere. I have been offered a new job elsewhere, and hopefully I'll be able to sink my teeth into it. And between you and me, I think I'm better suited for my new position than for my old one. Finally, after a very long and at times painful job hunt, I'm bursting with excitement for the new challenges that lie ahead.

In other news, baseball playoffs have arrived. In general, I don't really follow sports that much. The only team that I really care about are the Redskins, and quite frankly, they can be so frustrating most of the time that the only way a fan can keep himself sane is by distancing himself a little bit from the trials and tribulations of the team. But I digress. New York is very much a baseball town, and I admit that I've caught some of the fever. It's been fun watching the Mets during this amazing year that they're having, despite coming dreadfully close to blowing it at the end of the regular season. Still, they've looked pretty good against the Dodgers this series, and they seem to have found a way to get around losing two of their best pitchers the week before the playoffs. Game 3 is in LA tonight (or this afternoon for our west coast readers).


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