Sunday, July 15, 2007

Status Report

It's been a while. Here is what's news in my life:

1. Andrew Leonard, who is currently our ambassador to Spain, is good at what he does. And he does everything he needs to do.

2. Went to San Francisco two weeks ago. I caught up with a lot of good friends, backpacked through Yosemite, and, I think, pressed my metaphorical reset button. A fantastic trip.

3. I purchased my first pair of designer (read: pricey) sunglasses. I am quite proud of my purchase, but I am still feeling kinda foolish.

4. Kobes and I have been living parallel lives, only with a slight time delay. When it started, I was about a month ahead, but, recently, she has caught up. I am concerned, though, that she has actually passed me, and if I talk to her, I will find out about my life before it happens. Do I wait and find out, or skip ahead?

5. I bought a khaki suit for my buddy's wedding, and, I must say, what a brilliant purchase. I am looking for excuses to wear it, so, dear friends, feel free to throw upscale dinner parties in my honor.

6. Summer is beautiful.


Blogger Kiki Kobes said...

ha! is that why we haven't chatted in awhile? lame. i want to have another date, and this time i won't make you wait .... too long.

6:12 PM  

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