Wednesday, March 22, 2006


My Wednesday morning boredom persists. Let's explore why.

I am currently hosting a WebEx, which, in layman's terms, means my computer is a surrogate host for a web-based training session. It's as if I am holding a book for someone else to read. In a perverted sense, I am being paid to stare at my computer screen. I am literally doing nothing.

This issue, this horrible misallocation of refined human capital, poses a provocative question: from a philosophical perspective, is it Right - yes, capital "R" - to knowingly pay someone to strive for mediocrity? If we separate ourselves from the issue's specificities, the aforementioned question can be compressed thusly:

Is it right to resign oneself to a mundane existence?

Philosophers, scholars, and peons alike have all spent lifetimes wrestling with this question. I, on the other hand, have found the answer. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes, but...

My boredom, for better of worse, provides intellectual clarity.


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