Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Great things are happening to Dr. Cook. Right now.

1. My roommate and I - well, mostly my roommate - just signed up for NetFlix. Now we can be extra lazy and avoid any extraneous human interaction.

2. My roommate also purchased Castle Risk. What is Castle Risk, you ask? It's the single greatest game in the history of history. If you haven't played it, you haven't lived.

3. Yes, Mr. Lee, I miss my office spouse. But this is a much needed, long overdue, building experience for both of us. We needed time apart. I should be able to get through the workday without his wit, choice fashion sense, weekly gym trips, and that smile - that smile of smiles. Kiwi's absence is making me a better person.

4. I ordered more useless parts for Charlene today. It looks we are getting grease under our fingernails this weekend.


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